About Us  

Heritage Grain Cooperative was formed in 2004, when Farmers Cooperative Grain Company of Dalton City(or Racehorse Flats) and Bethany Grain of Bethany merged.  Both cooperatives have a strong history of working with farmers and have been around at least 100 years.  Over the years both elevators have grown by leaps and bounds due to the great relationship between the management and members of the cooperatives.  Today Heritage Grain has over 600 members.  The trade territory of the Co-op extends into parts of Moultrie, Shelby, and Macon counties of Illinois.  Both facilities have expanded over the past few years trying to keep up with the ever-growing production of our members.  The Dalton City facility currently can hold 4.6 million bushels of grain and 1.5 million of temporary covered ground storage.  The Bethany facility can hold 2.7 million bushels and 250,000 bushels of temporary covered ground storage.  The Dalton City facility is also a 25 rail car loading facility on the CN/IC railroad.